App to control stress and improve well-being.

In 2 minutes your level of stress and biological age is determined based on your pulse. It improves your state via respiratory training sessions in biofeedback mode. It monitors your health and progress when working out.


It measures and monitors basic health parameters.

Stress levels

The app measures your stress during increased activity of the sympathetic component of the autonomic nervous system. The algorithm is based on geometrical methods for analyzing heart rate variability (HRV). We use a stress scale from 0 to 10.

Biological age

This parameter represents your health in terms of your respiratory and cardiovascular system. It is measured by analyzing the respiratory sinus arrhythmia (RSA) of your heart rate.

And, of course, your pulse!

Improve your state with the help of respiratory training sessions in biofeedback mode.

The biofeedback is a method based on the ability of our body to adjust its state by regulating respiration. Encourage relaxation by synchronizing your breathing with your training schedule in real-time and by controlling the depth of your breathing.


Get rewards.

Take measurements, train, leave comments, share your results with friends and get rewards.

Open a new side in yourself.

Share your health, experiences and achievements in biofeedback in social networks.

Choose whether to share your measurement results card or a photo with your measurements.


The application is available free of charge with full functionality with a limited number of measurements per day.

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