Darta Systems is a biomedical start-up founded in 2013 by two graduates of Ryazan State Radio Engineering University Valery Kuryshev and Alexey Alpatov. The company is focused on the development of wearable devices and software solutions to record and process biomedical indicators.­

The team consists of engineers with years of experience in the development of biomedical devices. The core of the team has PhDs in engineering sciences in the field of medical equipment. The company's sales office is located in Moscow, with the research and technology center located in Ryazan. The Department of Human Physiology which specializes in psychophysiology at the Ryazan Medical University is our permanent psychophysiological research partner.

The first Darta Systems product was the Emvio gadget, a watch (later made into a bracelet) for the measurement of human stress levels in real-time via a pulse sensor. The purpose of the product is to improve quality of life by enabling stress levels to be controlled. The device runs on unique algorithms developed by Darta Systems. Algorithms for computing stress were tested on more than 500 people in a working environment. Currently, the company is taking pre-orders for the production of the bracelet.

To promote stress level measuring technology among a large number of people Darta Systems is developing mobile applications for controlling stress and for conducting training sessions in biofeedback mode.

We collaborate with the corporate sector. The company’s developments are used in work performed for Sberbank PJSC, the Innovation Centre of the Russian Olympic Committee, as well as a number of joint projects with the International Center «Creative Technologies of Consulting» and the company UNIS Labs Solutions.